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Brian Mendler is a certified elementary and special education teacher with extensive experience working with challenging students in general ed, self-contained, and inclusion settings.  He provides staff development training for K-12 educators and youth service workers throughout North America and Europe with the focus on how to be successful with even the most difficult students.

Mr. Mendler has recently authored a book titled, The Taming of the Crew.  This book provides easy to use strategies for preventing and responding to difficult, disruptive, defiant, and unmotivated behavior.  He has also co-authored three books titled, Strategies for Successful Classroom Management, Power Struggles, and Discipline with Dignity 3rd Edition: New Challenges, New Solutions.  The books provide practical, in-depth ideas for working with unmotivated and disruptive students.

Brian continues to volunteer with the Big Brothers/Big Sisters and Special Olympics programs. He currently lives in Rochester, N.Y.  Please follow him on twitter @brianmendler.

To book Brian for on-site workshops, please call 1-800-772-5227.

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