2016-2017 Webinar Schedule

What is a webinar?
A webinar is an online training program with audio and visuals (usually a power point presentation) broadcast through the internet on your computer or phone. Webinars last one hour and 15 minutes with the final 15 minutes reserved for questions.  They can be viewed live or later "on demand".

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Motivating and Managing Difficult Students Webinar By Dr. Allen Mendler
Discipline With Dignity Webinars By Brian Mendler
Archived Discipline With Dignity Webinars By Dr Allen Mendler
Handling Bullying and Harmful Aggression 04/05/17

Teaching Impulsive, Inattentive, And Oppositional Students In The Differentiated Classroom 04/07/10

Handle Difficult Student Behavior With Proven Interventions 03/16/10

Working Successfully With Difficult Parents 02/09/10

Responsibility Anyone? 12/15/09

Tips For Motivating Even Your Most Difficult Students 11/17/09

Connecting With Students 10/20/09

Getting Off On The Right Foot 09/22/09

Archived Discipline With Dignity Webinars By Brian Mendler
Creative Teaching Strategies to Curb Unwanted Behaviors & Motivate Students 01/31/17

Why Kids Misbehave and What to do About it 11/21/16

Power Struggles Unplugged 10/24/16

Discipline with Dignity for Difficult Youth 07/14/10

Keeping Hope Alive 05/10/10

Bullying! Can It Be Prevented? 04/19/10

Difference Between Expectations And Rules, Consequences And Punishments 03/15/10

Diffusing Power Struggles 02/08/10

Get To The Root Of Misbehavior 12/14/09

Creative Teaching Strategies 11/16/09

Motivating A Differentiated Classroom 10/19/09

Set Students Up For Success 09/21/09

Working Successfully with ADHD Students 05/05/09

Defusing Power Struggles 02/24/09

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