In A Cell
Where I learned it:  Quando Dennis
Location:  Capital City Alternative School, Jackson MS
Tune: Jingle Bells


In a cell, In a cell, there is so much stuff…

Cytoplasm, cell membrane, and a nucleus.

In a cell, In a cell, the nucleus is in control.

And outside the cell membrane the cytoplasm holds.

(This is the refrain and should be repeated after each stanza)


MI-To-chon-dri-a makes energy-ATP

Smooth and Rough E-R for transporting protein.

The tiny ribosomes are making these proteins,

For packaging the cell sent to bodies golgi.




When focusing on these, chloroplasts you’ll see,

For photosynthesis their color will be green.

Outside the cell membrane they have a firm cell wall

Without plants would be so limp they could not grow tall.




Inside the nucleus, the chromatin, DNA

And small nucleoi, the ribosomes to make

Nearby centrioles in pairs, mi-to-tic spindle makes

Digesting old and foreign parts some lysosomes it takes.



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