Remember Math

Where I learned this: Alt Ed teacher Corpus Christi TX.
Tune: Rhyme

Whether a gentlemen or a lady…
Triangle angles always add to 180.

Never quit, don’t give up hope
Parallel lines have equal slopes.

If you want a perpendicular line
Flip the slope and change its sign

It is a fact, don’t talk back.
Add a negative means subtract.

Don’t be difficult, don’t be bad
Subtract a negative just means add.

Never use the hypotenuse
For the base and height if you wanna be right.

Be straight up, now don’t be shady.
Supplementary adds up to 180.

When on task don’t get brain freeze,
Complimentary angles make 90 degrees.

You math machine
Average is the mean.

Hey diddle diddle
Median is middle

Now you can boast
Mode happens to be the most!

Now you are sure to know.
Range is high minus low.

Height of a shape can always be found,
From the highest point drop a 90 to the ground.

Don’t fall off your chair,
180 sums a linear pair.

Be cool now don’t go to pieces
When y-intercept decreases, x-intercept decreases

Be cool now don’t go to pieces
For positive slope y-intercept increases
x-intercept decreases.

No matter how you change the game
Vertical angles are the same.

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