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  Did you know that adding one disruptive student to a class of 20 lowers reading and math standardized test scores by two full percentile points? Now imagine you teach four or five of these students. Would the teachers, administrators, and other professionals in your school like to significantly reduce these behavior problems so test scores increase?

The seminar, Motivating Hard to Reach, Uninterested and Disruptive Students for grades K-12, is coming to your area!

10 POWERFUL reasons to attend:

  • Prevent most behavior problems so there are fewer referrals.
  • Increase test scores by motivating the unmotivated.
  • Improve teacher effectiveness using our classroom proven techniques.
  • Differentiate instruction to motivate. We will show you how!
  • Discover 10 proven strategies to motivate students every day.
  • Easily manage power struggles and challenges to your authority.
  • Learn 10 practical tips for getting students to complete homework.
  • Discover how to make grades helpful and meaningful for unmotivated students
  • Uncover the secrets for motivating and connecting with even your most difficult students.
  • Learn sure-fire methods for getting challenging parents on the team, so your students get the support they need.
  Click here to watch a short video clip from one of Dr. Mendler’s seminars.
  TIME: 8:30-3:00pm
PRESENTER: Dr. Allen Mendler, a nationally recognized educator, presenter and co-author of Discipline with Dignity® 3rd Edition

November 16 - Richmond VA

November 17 - Norfolk, VA

November 30 - Albany, NY

December 1 - Syracuse, NY

December 6 - Springfield, NY

December 7 - Oklahoma City, OK

  Research-based strategies, immediate results
Visit www.TLC-SEMS.com for a complete program agenda.
  4 Easy Ways to Register:
PHONE: 800-772-5227
FAX: 585-292-5545
MAIL:Teacher Learning Center, PO Box 20481, Rochester, NY 14602
Registration fee: $225 per person. Registration fee includes free coffee and tea service, customized training manual, and our book Motivating Students Left Behind

P.S. Send 3 and a 4th attends for free. Pay for 5 and the 6th and 7th attend for free. Credit available.

P.P.S. Please forward to your staff!