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This 4.5 hour digital video training series featuring Brian Mendler was recorded from a 2023 seminar and edited into 11 short segments perfect for use during staff and/or PLC meetings. Topic segments are:

  • Growing up Special Ed.
  • Keys to Motivation and Engagement
  • Best Way to Defuse / Oppositional Students
  • Retrain Your Brain
  • Defusing Acronyms
  • It’s all about Relationships
  • Rules vs. Values, Consequences vs. Punishments
  • Prevention Phrases
  • Defusing Power Struggles
  • The Teacher that Changed my Life

-Facilitator’s handbook
-Unlimited views for one year
-Multiple viewers can watch at the same time

Click on the “play button” in the middle of the video image to purchase the video for $995 for a one year license.

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