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We offer onsite and online training giving you more customization and convenience. Our highly acclaimed motivating experts will provide relevant, effective strategies in a lively, fast-paced manner. We strive to provide practical methods for educators that can be immediately implemented in the classroom. Our goal is to provide the best staff development training to your school, district, or organization. Whether you are looking for a keynote, half or full day, multi-day, or a district wide approach, we can match you up with the right trainer for the job.

Training Topics

Engaging, Motivating and Managing Hard to Reach, and Disruptive Students…A Trauma Sensitive Approach

This seminar shows educators how to inspire motivation for learning and behaving among difficult-to-reach students. Problems with motivation are usually seen among students who misbehave. We will explore the specifics that lead students to become unmotivated and most importantly, effective methods that help them make better choices. We will explore the reasons why kids misbehave and what strategies can be used to prevent these unwanted behaviors. You will leave this seminar motivated and with the belief that you can be successful with any student!

Power Struggles Unplugged

In this humorous but powerful keynote, Brian will share strategies to defuse any power struggle at any time, at any place. Discover two magic defusing words that we stop mouthy kids in their tracks. Learn what to say when removing a student so they want to return to your class.

Why Kids Disengage and Misbehave and What to do About it

Before applying strategies to change unwanted behavior, we must first correctly diagnose why the behaviors are occurring. Without understanding the why, then most strategies will ultimately fail. Learn to diagnose and understand the 6 main reasons why students disengage and misbehave and discover how to apply the correct strategies for each student to address individual needs.

Relationship Building Bootcamp

In this session you will learn the number one best relationship building strategy for kids who come every day and do absolutely nothing. We will discuss the three keys to using V.R.R. (Vulnerability, Relationships and Relevance) to get kids to run to your class. You will learn how and when to invest your time to form that crucial connection with hard-to-reach students.

Soaring Balloons and Heavy Shackles…Helping the Most Challenged Kids Soar

This powerful true story keynote, based on real life trauma, provides practical strategies to understand how our Actions, Words & Expressions (AWE) have a direct impact on the outcome of interactions with our students. Trauma transforms the student experience and practicing our perspective can assist in a child’s journey to reclaim livelihood. We are empowered to be a part of the problem or part of the solution with ALL kids. Our AWE can either add weight to their shackles or fill their balloons to soar.

The Social Emotional Alphabet

Every letter of the Social Emotional Alphabet represents a practical & powerful strategy to help our kids who have been traumatized, feel misunderstood or take frequent detours from what’s expected. Leave with 26 SEL strategies to build relationships with every child regardless of behavior. Gain perspective that you do have the “magic wand” to guide behavior. Come see what that magic is so you can make EVERY day the BEST day for EVERY child.

The Power of Mindfulness…Increase Student’s Attention, Self-Management and Wellness

Experience and implement mindfulness practices that encourage self awareness, self-control and self-management. Engage in mindfulness practices to navigate stress and increase student and staff well-being. Learn practices to reduce anxiety and increase students’ attention and focus. Discover language and skills to help create Mindfulness experiences that cultivate a shift from reaction to response for students.

Virtual Training

All trainings listed on this page can be delivered in a virtual format (1-2.5 hours).

That One Kid Coaching

Teaching collaboration is hailed as one of the most effective ways to improve student learning. It would be even more effective if an expert participated in these meetings. With the use of simple technology, we can now make this a reality!

How does it work?

During a scheduled meeting, bring in an expert to consult/coach your staff. Watch this short video to learn more.

Our rates are very reasonable and time can be purchased in blocks as small as 30 minutes. Call us at 833-572-4900 for more information.

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