Motivating Student Who Don't Care, 2nd edition





A pervasive problem teachers face in 21st century classrooms is a lack of student motivation. In the second edition of Motivating Students Who Don’t Care: Proven Strategies to Engage All Learners, author Allen N. Mendler offers practical strategies that K-12 teachers can use to reach every student. From emphasizing effort, to building relationships, to sparking enthusiasm for learning, each chapter covers one of the five key processes to boost student motivation. Disinterested students can discourage teachers, but Mendler’s proven strategies can nurture enthusiasm and excitement for learning and help teachers build strong, trusting relationships with all students.

Readers will:

  • Understand why students might be unmotivated students
  • Learn about the importance of emphasizing effort in the classroom
  • Examine the five key processes for guiding and inspiring unmotivated students
  • Use proven strategies to empower students and spark enthusiasm for learning
  • Support student learning by creating a classroom culture of confidence and hope

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