That One Kid, 2nd Edition




In Brian Mendler’s newest book, published in 2022, he provides strategies for working with “That One Kid.” The one who can make life miserable for the other 25. This book focuses on that one. You will find many of the ideas and strategies fit all kids. But my goal is to help you succeed with the one nobody else in your building can reach.

-Discover the best strategy to succeed with oppositional defiant kids.
-Learn the number one motivation killer of kids in school.
-Understand exactly why kids misbehave and specific strategies for changing their behavior.
-Master my four-step process for preventing power struggles.
-Learn the two most powerful defusing words in the English language.
-Discover a specific phrase guaranteed to prevent problem behaviors.
-There are two times it is ok to remove a student from class. Learn exactly what to say so they want to return.
-Eliminate student complaints that things aren’t fair, once and for all.

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