Tips For Teachers




Recently updated in 2019, a practical guide for helping young and experienced teachers deal with the most common aspects of the classroom.

This is a guide for you the educator. The goal is for you to have something tangible to keep with you at all times during the school day. This book provides suggestions on how you can manage your classroom to prevent disciplinary infractions from occurring.

The book outlines the major themes that you will deal with on a daily basis. It offers ideas, methods, thoughts, and tips that you can use immediately in your classroom.


This little pamphlet fits right in your back pocket and has tons of tips and strategies for working with challenging youth.  Great reminders for setting up your classroom for success!  Easy to find information you are looking for fast!

Chapter Titles:

Relationship Building Process

Why Kids Misbehave

Characteristics of Oppositional Defiant Students

Values & Expectations


That’s Not Fair

Power Struggles

Group Work Basics

Social Media Rules

Bullying Prevention Basics

Awesome Acronyms and Phrase to Remember

28 pages

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