Watch Your Mouth



Through personal experience this book reminds us we have a moral responsibility to do whatever it takes to save the most challenging kids. It provides true, transparent resources, interventions, and prevention strategies all educators can use immediately. This book will refresh your commitment and desire to work with all kids. My top ten takeaways are:

  • Retrain your brain.
  • 2nd to last word is best.
  • Walking away = strength.
  • Stay personally connected to kids without taking personally what they do and say.
  • Apologize to kids and parents that are upset, even when doing nothing wrong.
  • Five specific reasons students misbehave and exactly what to do about it.
  • Always thank a student before they complete a request.
  • The “Five W’s” of defusing.
  • Why I should feel “grateful” when a student “unloads” on me.
  • Prevention phrases.

This book is a quick and easy read and makes a profound impact. It focuses on specific strategies educators can use immediately in their classrooms and schools. From carpet on the desk for the annoying pen tapper to a specific process for “defusing any kid anywhere at anytime,” to dozens of the latest websites for using songs to teach content. This book provides something for everyone and is sure to change your perspective and attitude toward your most challenging students.
– Baruti K. Kafele

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