About us…

The Teacher Learning Center is a Discipline with Dignity© company providing classroom proven professional development materials and training, including keynotes, half day, full day or multiple day training in the areas of classroom management, discipline, school culture, school leadership and student engagement. We annually train thousands of educators all over the world. Our lively, fast paced seminars offer cutting-edge information in an entertaining and engaging way!

Meet Our Trainers…


  • Autumn Williams, Principal

    What a powerful life story! Thank you for sharing and connecting it to our everyday experiences with our students.

  • Daniella Murphy, Special Education Teacher

    Absolutely amazing...very informative and engaging!

  • Amy Utter, Kindergarten Teacher

    Inspirational! Real life experiences and stories were very beneficial!

  • Alex Sellens, Teacher

    Very engaging, great examples and stories that we could relate to, excited to try some strategies.

  • Lisa Tatro, 7th Grade Science Teacher

    Very Knowledgeable, helpful and entertaining. Loved this seminar!

  • Carrie Lupcke, US History Teacher

    Amazing! Your material basically saved my career! Than you so much for the applications and strategies we can actually use!

  • Heather Tucker, Assistant Principal

    Wonderful presentation! I feel like every educator needs to hear this!

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